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Show results 2.-3 of November 2019

Show results 2.-3 of November 2019

Sweden, International Show, Växjö
Dantalian’s Winter Wish

Denmark, 2 x International Show, Herning
❤️ BM-4 & res-CAC & Junior CAC ❤️
❤️ BM-3 & CAC & Junior CAC & Danish Junior Winner❤️
Dantalian’s Magic Man

Estonia, International Show, Tartu
❤️ BB-2 & CAC & Junior CAC ❤️
Dantalian’s Magic Hope

Pennut 2 viikkoa / Puppies 2 weeks

Pennut 2 vanhoja 💓 Puppies 2 weeks old

Lisää kuvia Pennut sivulla /
More pictures on Puppies page

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Puppies / Pentuja

Finally some updates!

What a nice year we have had so far.
Several Dantalian's dog have been shown during the year, in Finland and abroad.
The results have been absolutely fantastic!
You can always find the latest updates on the Facebook news feed.

So very happy for all the success our puppy owners have had with their beautiful cardigans,
in and outside the show rings!

Here are some pictures from during the year!

 Dantalian's Winter Wish
BOS at Danish Corgi Specialty 2019
She also got a beautiful litter at kennel Cardax, Sweden
earlier this year. 

 Dantalian's Magic Man
BOS & CAC winner

 Dantalian's Magic Hope
A phenomenal young girl,
14 CACs at the age of 1 year.
Several Group placements

 Dantalian's Magic - litter
After Imago's Amazing Dantalian and
Cardax True Man
 In the middle picture from left:
Dantalian’s Magic Light
Dantalian’s Magic Hope
Dantalian’s Magic Boy
Dantalian’s Magic Man
Dantalian’s Magic Autumn

 FI & SE CH Dantalian's Winter Lady

 Göteborg NORD & INT shows, Sweden, January 2019
FI & SE & NO & Nordic CH Dantalian's Winter Dragon
wins BOB and BOS with CACIB and NORD CAC.
Dantalian's Holiday Lady won a CACIB
Lowest picture Dantalian's Winter Bear,
who later during year 2019 sired three beautiful 
litters in Sweden.

Nice picture!
BOB Dantalian's Magic Hope
BOS Dantalian's Magic Man