torstai 20. helmikuuta 2020

Fredericia International Show, Tanska / Denmark

Fredericia International Show, Denmark 9.2.2020
(64 cardigans)

Wonderful weekend!

BIS 1 progeny group

BM -3 & CAC  Dantalian’s Winter Bear
BB -3 & res-CACIB EEJCH Dantalian’s Magic Hope
BB - 4 SE & DK CH Dantalian’s Winter Wish
EX2 CQ  C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian
EX3 CQ  Dantalian’s Holiday Lady
VG1 DKJW-19 NORDJW-19 Dantalian’s Magic Man

Oh my, what a trip!

So extremely happy about Imago’s Amazing Dantalian’s progeny group!

Not the easiest to show a progeny group and especially with a bitch. She is now seven and a half years old and in stunnig condition after having three litters alltogether.

This progeny group was presented with dogs from two litters (Winter- litter is sired by Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget, Magic-litter is sired by Cardax True Man).

 In the picture from left:

C.I.B FI & SE & NO CH FIJW-13 Imago’s Amazing Dantalian
(She is after Dantalian’s First Polar x Imago’s Harem Rose)
DKJW-19 NORDJW-19 Dantalian’s Magic Man
(CACs in both Finland and Denmark, age 16 months)
EEJCH Dantalian’s Magic Hope
(multiple CAC winner and CACIB in Finland, age 16 months)
SE & DK CH Dantalian’s Winter Wish
(CACIB winner in Sweden, Specialty BOS in Denmark, age 3 years)
Dantalian’s Winter Bear
(CAC winner in Denmark, age 3 years)

Pennut syntyneet / Puppies born

Pennut syntyivät/ Puppies born 1.1.2020 

C.I.B* FI & SE & NO & Nordic CH Dantalian's Fifth Lady 
CA CH Yasashiikuma Jumpin Jack Flash

7 viikkoa / 7 weeks
 Dantalian's Double Flopper Cream, girl
Dantalian's Double Take, boy

Pennut muuttaneet uusiin koteihin!
Puppies have moved to their new homes!