keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2021

keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2021

Pentuja syntynyt / Puppies born

Kaunis Pirtek Farfalla di Giorno "Helle" synnytti 6.3.2021 
yhdeksän suloista pentua, 6 tyttöä ja 3 poikaa.
Synnytys sujui vaivattomasti ja Helle nauttii pienokaisten äitinä olosta.

Pentutiedustelut puhelimitse 
050 59 35 078 /Annette Relander

Beautiful Pirtek Farfalla di Giorno "Helle" gave birth to 
9 sweet puppies on the 6th of March 2021 - 
6 girls and 3 boys.
Helle freewhelped easily and enjoys being a mother of the cute little ones.

Dantalian's Memory - pentue
Tämä pentue oli läheisen ystäväni Eeva Lampikarin (kennel Pirtek) hartaasti odottama.
Suureksi surukseni Eeva kuoli juuri ennen kuin Helle aloitti juoksunsa.
Eevan muistoksi toteutin tämän pentueen.

Hyvinkää NORD Show 27.9.2020

 Hyvinkää NORD Show 27.9.2020 (21 cardigans)

BOB & BOB - vet & Nord CAC C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian
BB-2 & res- Nord CAC FI CH & EE JCH Dantalian’s Magic Hope
BB-3 FI & SE CH Dantalian’s Winter Lady
EX2 Dantalian’s Tenth Lady
VG3 Dantalian’s Tenth Moment
BOB - breeder kennel Dantalian’s
What a nice day to end this show year. Lovely veteran lady Imago’s Amazing Dantalian (Dantalian’s First Polar - Imago’s Harem Rose) was BOB for the second time in a row, so proud and happy.
We also celebrated with a strawberry cake the new Finnish Champion title Dantalian’s Magic Hope got a few weeks ago. She has won 10 x BOB and earned 17 CACs by the age of two years.

In the upper picture, Dantalian’s BOB - breeder group:
from left
Tenth Moment
Magic Hope
Tenth Lady
Winter Lady
Left picture BOB & BOB-vet C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian

Porvoo National show, 12.9.2020

Porvoo National show, 12.9.2020
(34 cardigans)

BOB & BOB-vet C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian
BB-3 FI&SE CH Dantalian’s Winter Lady
BB-4 & CAC Pirtek Ho Un Cuore Ardente
EX1 & CQ & res-CAC Dantalian’s Magic Autumn
EX2 Dantalian’s Magic Hope
EX1 & CQ Dantalian’s Tenth Lady
EX1 Dantalian’s Magic Man
BOB - breeder kennel Dantalian’s
Lovely lady, Imago’s Amazing Dantalian, was shown in veteran class for the first time. She is in excellent condition and loved every minute in the ring. So proud of her to be in top shape after three wonderful litters.
Very happy to show Pirtek Ho Un Cuore Ardente, 15 months, at her first show. This lovely young girl is after Dantalian’s Fifth Amazing Pirtek and Dantalian’s New York. She is bred by Eeva Lampikari.
In the upper picture Dantalian’s breeder group, from left:
Dantalian’s Magic Man
Dantalian’s Magic Autumn
Dantalian’s Tenth Lady
Dantalian’s Magic Hope
In the lower middle picture:
Imago’s Amazing Dantalian
In the lower right picture:
Dantalian’s Magic Man
The Magic- litter is after Imago’s Amazing Dantalian and Cardax True Man.

Imago’s Amazing Dantalian is after Imago’s Harem Rose and Dantalian’s First Polar.

Dantalian’s Tenth Lady is after Dantalian’s Winter Lady and Uszaki Blues Brother.

Dantalian’s Winter Lady is after Imago’s Amazing Dantalian and Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget
Pictures by Taina Nygård

Seinäjoki Show 5.9.2020

BOB & CAC Dantalian’s Tenth Lady (9 months)
BOS & CAC Dantalian’s Magic Boy (23 months)
BB-2 & res-CAC Dantalian’s Holiday Lady
BB-3 Dantalian’s Magic Hope
BOB - breeder kennel Dantalian’s
Sweet little girl, Dantalian’s Tenth Lady, had a lovely start for her show career. Feels extra special since she represents the sixth generation.
She is after FI & SE CH Dantalian’s Winter Lady and FI CH Uszaki Blues Brother.
BOS was handsome young boy Dantalian’s Magic Boy. This was his last time in intermediate class, next week the Magic- litter will turn two years.
Magic- litter is after C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian and SE & FI & DK CH Cardax True Man.
In the picture Breeder group from left:
Magic Boy
Magic Hope
Tenth Lady
Holiday Lady