lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2016

Wonderful start of Show Year 2016!

Lahti Show 17.1.2016 (30 cardigans)

BOB & CAC NOJV-15 Dantalian's Fifth Lady (13 months)
BB-3 & res-CAC  Dantalian's True Love
BB-4  FI & SE & NO & Nordic CH Dantalian's My Muffin
VG/4  Dantalian's True Gentleman
VG Dantalian's True Lightning

BOB-breeder kennel Dantalian's (three combinations)
  At Lahti Show, from left:
Dantalian's True Gentleman, 20 months 
(Dantalian's My Muffin x Dantalian's First Polar)
Dantalian's My Muffin 
(Pirtek Pigna Dantalian x Carddicted Chain Reaction)
Dantalian's True Love, 20 months 
(Dantalian's My Muffin x Dantalian's First Polar)
Dantalian's Fifth Lady, 13 months 
(Imago's Amazing Dantalian x Uszaki Falkor Luck Dragon)

Picture (c) Karita Parviainen

Turku International Show 16.1.2016 (24 cardigans)

BOB-breeder kennel Dantalian's (three combinations)
EX/2 NOJV-15 Dantalian's Fifth Lady
VG/2  Dantalian's True Love (first time in show rings)
EX/1 & CQ  FI & SE & NO & Nordic CH Dantalian's My Muffin
EX/2 Dantalian's True Man

Year 2015

We are so grateful to look back and remember all the super moments we had together during year 2015!

Kennel Dantalian’s dogs did us so proud, we are almost speechless...

BOB x 10
BOS x 8

res – CACIB x 5

BOB-veteran x 3
BOS- veteran x 3

CAC x 9
res-CAC x 7

BOB –breeder x 5 (International Shows)

BOB-puppy x 2
BOS-puppy x 1

Norwegian Champion x 1
Swedish Champion x 2

Norwegian Junior Winner 2015 - title

And last but certainly not least:

FI & SE & NO & Nordic Countries CH Dantalian’s My Muffin is the most BOB winning Cardigan at International Shows in Finland during 2015! 

My dearest thanks to all our friends and Dantalian’s puppy owners, in and outside the show rings, for a fun year!

Finnish Winner & Helsinki Winner Shows 5-6.12.2015

Finnish Winner & Helsinki Winner Shows 5-6.12.2015 (43 & 31 cardigans)

Wonderful weekend!!

My sweet junior girl NOJW - 15 Dantalian's Fifth Lady (12 months old) although absolutely naked, had a super weekend by placing 2nd best in Junior class both days!

My beautiful champion lady Nordic & FI & SE & NO CH Dantalian's My Muffin took a fourth place on Saturday in Champion class and on Sunday she hit the 1st place and won the Champion class. 

Strong champion boy FI CH Dantalian's Your Stripe was placed 2nd in Champion class on Sunday. 

Both Dantalian's True Gentleman and his sister Dantalian's True Lightning were placed 4th in Intermediate class on Sunday. 

With Dantalian's Your Stripe, My Muffin, True Lightning and Fifth Lady we showed a Breeder's group and got a very stunning critique and were awarded with a Prize of Honour!

 From left:
Dantalian's Your Stripe
Dantalians't My Muffin
Dantalian's True Lightning
Dantalian's Fifth Lady

Jyväskylä International Show 22.11.2015

 Jyväskylä International Show 22.11.2015 (20 cardigans)

What a day, so happy!!

BOS & CACIB FI & SE & NO & Nordic Countries CH Dantalian's My Muffin
BB-2 & CAC & res CACIB  Dantalian's Your Drop

Dantalian's Your Drop (Pirtek Qualita di Vita - Dantalian's First Polar) got her second CAC (even though she's totally without coat) standing right after her aunt Dantalian's My Muffin (Pirtek Pigna Dantalian - Carddicted Chain Reaction)!

Left: Dantalian's My Muffin
Right: Dantalian's Your Drop