torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2016

Karjaa National Show 3.7.2016

Karjaa National Show 3.7.2016 (16 cardigans)

BOB-breeder kennel Dantalian's
BB-2 & CAC Dantalian's Fifth Amazing Pirtek
EX 1 CQ Dantalian's True Love
EX 2
JV-15 Dantalian's Fifth Lady
VG 1 Dantalian's True Gentleman
VG 2 Dantalian's First Polar

And last but certainly not least, BOB and BOB-veteran was stunning veteran lady FI & EE CH Pirtek Poema Dantalian!
She is an aunt to Dantalian's First Polar (GB CH Llaneirwg the Heretic - FI CH Pirtek Pigna Dantalian) and therefore also of course a great-aunt or a great-great-aunt to all entered Dantalian's cardigans.
So happy over this family!

In the picture Dantalian's Fifth Amazing Pirtek, 19 months
Picture (c) Eeva Lampikari

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