maanantai 22. elokuuta 2016

3 x Kuopio International Show, 5.-7.8.2016

Triple Kuopio International Shows in Finland ended with super results!

3 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 1 x BOS for Imago's Amazing Dantalian
(Dantalian's First Polar x Imago's Harem Rose)

Dantalian's Fifth Lady (Uszaki Falkor Luck Dragon x Imago's Amazing Dantalian) got EX & CQ all days, so happy for that since she has thrown all her coat and enjoyes a total "bikini outlook" for the moment =)

(Friday: 23 cardigans, Saturday: 29 cardigans, Sunday: 21 cardigans)

FI & SE CH JV-13 Imago's Amazing Dantalian

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