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Finnish Winner International Show 11.12.2016

Finnish Winner International Show 11.12.2016 (34 cardigans)

What a super way to end this show year!

BOB - breeder kennel Dantalian's
BB-4 C.I.B* FI & SE & NO & Nordic Champion Dantalian's My Muffin
EX 3 & CQ FI CH NOJW-15 Dantalian's Fifth Lady
EX 1
Dantalian's True Lightning
EX 2 Dantalian's True Star

So happy to end this show year with yet another BOB - breeder win, this time out of two presented breeder groups!

And last but certainly not least:
Our great-aunt & great-great-aunt, beautiful super granny FI & EE CH FIJW-08 HeVW-15 VW-16 Pirtek Poema Dantalian was BOB - veteran! She is out of our co-operation litter with kennel Pirtek,

Judge Andrzej Kazmierski, Poland.

*title is waiting for FCI approval

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