perjantai 25. elokuuta 2017

RC International Show, Helsinki 20.5.2017

RC International Show, Helsinki 20.5.2017 (21 cardigans)

BOS & CACIB FI CH SE CH JV-13 Imago's Amazing Dantalian
BOB - veteran FI CH EE CH JV-08 HeVW-15 VV-16 Pirtek Poema Dantalian
EX 2 & CQ Dantalian's New Fifi Fashion
EX 2
Dantalian's New York

What a super day in super weather! Finally it's warm and sunny in Finland. Our younger and older girls rocked today and of course 13 months old New York had it fun also!

In the lower pictures is Dantalian's New Fifi Fashion, 13 months
She is after C.I.B Dantalian's My Muffin & CH Kosmar Striking Back of Bridgelady
In the upper picture is Imago's Amazing Dantalian

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