keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2021

Seinäjoki Show 5.9.2020

BOB & CAC Dantalian’s Tenth Lady (9 months)
BOS & CAC Dantalian’s Magic Boy (23 months)
BB-2 & res-CAC Dantalian’s Holiday Lady
BB-3 Dantalian’s Magic Hope
BOB - breeder kennel Dantalian’s
Sweet little girl, Dantalian’s Tenth Lady, had a lovely start for her show career. Feels extra special since she represents the sixth generation.
She is after FI & SE CH Dantalian’s Winter Lady and FI CH Uszaki Blues Brother.
BOS was handsome young boy Dantalian’s Magic Boy. This was his last time in intermediate class, next week the Magic- litter will turn two years.
Magic- litter is after C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian and SE & FI & DK CH Cardax True Man.
In the picture Breeder group from left:
Magic Boy
Magic Hope
Tenth Lady
Holiday Lady

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