lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2022

 Tampere NORD show 30.4.2022

Tampere NORD show 30.4.2022

(20 cardigans + 4 cardigan puppies)

BOB- puppy & BIG - 2 Dantalian’s Sky High
BB - 2 & CAC & res NORD CAC Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian
EX 2 FI CH Dantalian’s Magic Boy

Sweet little boy Dantalian’s Sky High, 6 months, had a very happy day at his first show. He loved to be in the ring, my little goofy funny boy!

Upper picture:
Dantalian’s Sky High is after Ebonwald Madegann Quick Study and Pirtek Farfalla di Giorno
Lower picture:
Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian is after Dantalian’s New York and Pirtek Nel Cuore Dellanotte

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