sunnuntai 8. syyskuuta 2013

Vantaa Let's Go - national show 8.9.2013

My lady veteran Pirtek Qualita di Vita won the females and became BOS and BOS-veteran!

Dantalian's Your Stripe (Dantalian's First Polar - Pirtek Qualita di Vita) took his third CAC and became BM-2 after his greatgrandfather Welshtian Aconitum!

With this CAC he finished his Finnish Champion title, we are so happy!!
Super congratulations to owner Laura =)

Imago's Amazing Dantalian (Dantalian's First Polar - Imago's Harem Rose) was shown is junior class for the first time which she won with CQ!
FI Champion Dantalian's Your Stripe

Imago's Amazing Dantalian

BOB Welshtian Aconitum
BOS Pirtek Qualita di Vita

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