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Finnish Winner & Helsinki Winner Shows 5-6.12.2015

Finnish Winner & Helsinki Winner Shows 5-6.12.2015 (43 & 31 cardigans)

Wonderful weekend!!

My sweet junior girl NOJW - 15 Dantalian's Fifth Lady (12 months old) although absolutely naked, had a super weekend by placing 2nd best in Junior class both days!

My beautiful champion lady Nordic & FI & SE & NO CH Dantalian's My Muffin took a fourth place on Saturday in Champion class and on Sunday she hit the 1st place and won the Champion class. 

Strong champion boy FI CH Dantalian's Your Stripe was placed 2nd in Champion class on Sunday. 

Both Dantalian's True Gentleman and his sister Dantalian's True Lightning were placed 4th in Intermediate class on Sunday. 

With Dantalian's Your Stripe, My Muffin, True Lightning and Fifth Lady we showed a Breeder's group and got a very stunning critique and were awarded with a Prize of Honour!

 From left:
Dantalian's Your Stripe
Dantalians't My Muffin
Dantalian's True Lightning
Dantalian's Fifth Lady

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