lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2016

Year 2015

We are so grateful to look back and remember all the super moments we had together during year 2015!

Kennel Dantalian’s dogs did us so proud, we are almost speechless...

BOB x 10
BOS x 8

res – CACIB x 5

BOB-veteran x 3
BOS- veteran x 3

CAC x 9
res-CAC x 7

BOB –breeder x 5 (International Shows)

BOB-puppy x 2
BOS-puppy x 1

Norwegian Champion x 1
Swedish Champion x 2

Norwegian Junior Winner 2015 - title

And last but certainly not least:

FI & SE & NO & Nordic Countries CH Dantalian’s My Muffin is the most BOB winning Cardigan at International Shows in Finland during 2015! 

My dearest thanks to all our friends and Dantalian’s puppy owners, in and outside the show rings, for a fun year!

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