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Eckerö INT Show, 24.9.2022

Eckerö INT Show, 24.9.2022
(14 cardigans)

BOB & CACIB  FI CH NO CH DK CH Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian

BM -4 Dantalian’s Sky High

This was one super effective show trip. From Friday evening to Saturday evening; with boat from Turku to Åland, 5 hours sleep, to the show, fast drive to the harbour, hop on the ferry and arrive to Turku!
But oh my how fun we had and amazing results!

And to make this day a double BOB day FI CH EE JCH Dantalian’s Magic Hope was BOB at Riihimäki Show over 39 cardigans.

Right upper picture:
FI CH NO CH DK CH Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian, 2 years
(Dantalian’s New York - Pirtek Nel Cuore Dellanotte)
Left lower picture:
Dantalian’s Sky High, 11 months
(Ebonwald Madegann Quick Study - Pirtek Farfalla di Giorno) Picture by Anna Nygård.

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