maanantai 3. huhtikuuta 2023

Herning International Show, Denmark, 12.11.2022


Herning International Show, Denmark, 12.11.2022
(59 cardigans)

BOS & DK CAC & CACIB & DK CHAMPION FI NO CH Dantalian’s Magic Autumn
EX 1/9 & res CACIB FI NO SE CH Dantalian’s Magic Boy
EX FI NO DK CH Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian

Once again a super fun trip to Denmark! Nice to meet old and new friends!
Lovely Dantalian’s Magic Autumn was BOS and got the danish cac which made her a new Danish Champion. She also got the CACIB so now she has CACIBs from Norway and Denmark.

Dantalian’s Magic Boy won a huge champion class with 9 strong champions. This was a nice moment but unfortunately no one got a cq. But a wonderfull class win anyway.

Dantalian’s Magic - litter is after SE DK FI CH Cardax True Man and C.I.B Imago’s Amazing Dantalian.

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