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Tromsö International Show, Norway 20.8.2022

 Tromsö International Show, Norway 20.8.2022
(18 cardigans)

Again BOB & BOS!

BOB & NO CAC & CACIB & NO CH FI CH Dantalian’s Magic Autumn
BB - 4 Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian
BOS & NO CAC & CACIB & NO CH FI CH SE CH Dantalian’s Magic Boy
BM - 2 & res NO CAC & International Junior CACIB Dantalian’s Sky High

Oh my! Two new Norwegian Champions 🇳🇴❤️

So very happy for the siblings to stand next to each other.
Sweet little pembroke Pirtek Notte Luminosa was best bitch 3 with res - NO CAC and res - CACIB (which will become CACIB later because the CACIB winner was already a C.I.B).
Dantalian’s Sky High is after Pirtek Farfalla di Giorno and Ebonwald Madegan Quick Study.
Dantalian’s Magic Boy and Magic Autumn are after Imago’s Amazing Dantalian and Cardax True Man.
Pirtek Golden Lady for Dantalian is after Pirtek Nel Cuore Dellanotte and Dantalian’s New York.

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